For most of us, the thought of planting seedlings is a daunting and painstaking one.
Although not for us! WE LOVE IT!

The truth is that unfortunately many customers underestimate what needs to take place to get the best survival rates. It can be very labour intensive if done manually.  Planting seedlings are far more than digging a hole, placing some random seedling in and hoping for the best. To get a professional result you need to use professionals. Professionals like Australian Native Farm Forestry!


You seek the assistance of an accountant to keep your paperwork in order, the same is true for planting seedlings. You require skilled tree planting professionals to get the maximum results.
We have over 30 years of experience which cannot be matched. Wouldn’t you rather have the planting job done right the first time than having to do the job again?



We not only sell the highest quality seedlings but we also offer a Complete tree planting service from start to finish. Let us take away all the stress, worry, and physical labour so that you can get back to doing what you enjoy. We do the whole job and at a very competitive price to you! We do this by cutting out additional contractors required, propagating the seedlings in-house and by having all the required specialised equipment for the job! Not only can ANFF get the job done a whole lot faster but we have the extensive knowledge, experience, and equipment to get the job done correctly.

How much is your time worth?
Ask yourself. Planting 2000 plants with the wrong equipment can take several weeks, just to plant! Not to mention the loss you might have by having to look after the many unplanted seedlings for several weeks. While all in a matter of days, we can have the site cultivated, have your seedlings planted, guarded, mulched and watered in.
Planting seedlings can be stress-free when taking the right approach and getting the experts in.

Services we offer:

Site preparation


– Spraying
– Cultivation



– Seedling consultation service
– Highest quality seedlings



– Planting seedlings
– Guarding
– Watering in
– Mulching/ fertilising 



– Ongoing Maintenance
– Re-plantings
– Additional waterings
– Slashing etc.

So if having a successful plantation is important to you, you require the professional skills and over 30 years of experience
that only Australian Native Farm Forestry can provide.
Call us for a quote today! 04 1712 3432
* Minimum planting job: 250 seedlings