Yareena™ – Myoporum parvifolium ‘PARV01’


Price: $4.75 ea
Name: Yareena™
Myoporum parvifolium ‘PARV01’
Min: 5 plants
Mature height: 10cm high x 1m wide ^
Pot: 40mm tube


Yareena™ – Myoporum parvifolium ‘PARV01’

  • New release variety
  • Masses of white flowers
  • Low groundcover, with clean, dense foliage
  • Longer lived Myoporum variety

Yareena™ Myoporum is very drought & frost tolerant and is successful in a wide variety of soils. Great for stabilising embankments.  It is a longer-lived form with crisp clean foliage and white flowers.

Uses: Excellent ground cover, good for coastal positions
Position: Full sun/ part shade. Tolerates frost and drought.


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