Callistemon phoeniceus – WA Fiery bottlebrush


Name:  Callistemon phoeniceus
Common name: Fiery bottlebrush, Scarlet Bottlebrush, Melaleuca Phoenicea
Minimum: 4 plants
Mature height: 3m ^
Pot size: 40mm tube *


Callistemon phoeniceus – Fiery-bottlebrush

  • Hardy, evergreen shrub with a slightly weeping habit
  • Fast growing native with stunning red bottlebrush like flowers with greyish-green leaves
  • Flowering mid spring to mid summer
  • Nectar, Bee attracting & deer resistant
  • Adaptable to both drought or water-logging once established
  • Full sun or semi shade. Frost hardy
  • Great for hedges, borders, screens, windbreak

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