Acacia verniciflua – Varnish wattle


Name:  Acacia verniciflua
Common name: Varnish wattle
Mature height: 2-3m ^
Pot size: 40mm by 87mm (Hiko) *

Flowers are aromatic, which are attractive to birds and insects. In the past, the seed pods as used as a food source and the leaves of the plant were used to poison fish when hunting.


Quantity restrictions: Multiples of 5
Flower colour: Yellow
Flowering time: Winter. Spring
Common uses: Ornamental, wind-break, soil control & roadside specimen. Low maintenance
Available wholesale?: Yes, please contact us for details.

^ Sizes are provided as a guide only.
Heights are indicative only and final height will depend on site-specific environmental conditions etc. Heights indicated are typical for Victoria. All pictures shown are copyright and for illustration purposes only.

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