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Name:  Acacia brachybotrya
Common name: Grey wattle, Grey Mulga
Minimum: 5 plants
Mature height: 3-4m ^
Pot size: 40mm by 87mm (Hiko) *
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A decorative species that is suitable for a low windbreak. More suited to dry areas but will withstand waterlogging for short periods. In spring the tips of the branches are covered with bright yellow fluffy ball shaped flowers.
Attracts seed eating birds. Tip prune to maintain shape once flowering has finished.

Flower colour: Yellow
Flowering time: Spring, Winter

Uses: Low windbreak or screen

^ Sizes are provided as a guide only.
Heights are indicative only and final height will depend on site-specific environmental conditions etc. Heights indicated are typical for Victoria. All pictures shown are copyright and for illustration purpose only.

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