About us

Australian Native Farm Forestry (ANFF) are committed to offering our customers great quality plants at very competitive prices!

We are the propagation experts with over 30 years in the industry!
Our plants are propagated from scratch and grown in-house, which means we can provide the best price to you.
Buy direct from the propagator and SAVE!

This year we aim to grow over 1 million+ seedlings, which consists of 400 different varieties of natives, vegetable seedlings, annuals, shrubs, trees, grasses, fruit and ornamental trees. Selling wholesale, trade & retail!


Great Selection

We have a huge selection of plants. Over 450 varieties in fact!

High Quality

Our plants are of the highest quality.

Low Prices

We have extremely competitive prices

Our History

ANFF have been in the Retail/ Wholesale propagation business for over 30 years. In that time we have acquired extensive knowledge, specialise in many propagation techniques and have continued to change with the ever-changing industry. As a result, this has meant our seedlings have achieved a very high standard in quality, volume and variety.Our plants are always in high demand but even after our best efforts, some varieties may be sold-out for a considerable time frame. Pre-ordering in advance can ensure we can cater for everyone more efficiently.

Strong root systems
Our plants have strong root systems, which is very important for quality plants. We use trays equipped with vertical root training ribs which prevents any chance of root-bound, trays with side slits which ensure good aeration of the roots and each plant’s roots are air pruned. The root system from air pruned plants creates masses of young active secondary roots which will take off very quickly after planting.

The reason our plants grow so well and quickly starts below the soil.
We can source virtually any plant from our network of over 200 nurseries. Although our common dilemma is that we often can’t find prices as competitive as ours. Therefore we ask that large volume orders be pre-ordered as soon as possible to ensure we can supply the desired quantities and be able to provide you with the maximum volume discount.