Australian Native Farm Forestry (ANFF) are the propagation specialist!
Specialising in growing Australian Natives and popular non-natives in HIGH volume.

Our plants are grown in 40 cell Hiko trays/ tubes, which are then hardened out in the open to all weather conditions!
We boast a catalogue of over 500 different varieties. As the stock is always changing, it’s always best to get plants when you see them.

Our Nursery continues to expand each year and we are one of the largest production nurseries in the area.

Plants are produced and grown exclusively on our estate, alongside the banks of the magnificent Great Murray River. Growing from seedlings all the way up to advanced trees.

Growing popular varieties of plants and seedlings for Wholesale, Trade & Retail customers.

Come to ANFF Discount Nursery. You can be assured to find what you are after, at a better price, better advice, and plants that are more suited to your area.
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